About c=



We believe in the potential of the lightning network to democratize payments for the world and enable individuals to own their financial destiny.

Guided by this vision, c= is amplifying the lightning ecosystem by providing our liquidity, services, and infrastructure that enables everyone to benefit from fast, low cost global payments.

About Lightning

The Lightning Network (“LN”) is a layer 2 payment protocol layered on top of the Bitcoin network and based on connections between peers.

It enables fast transactions among participating nodes and offers a solution to the Bitcoin by moving transactions

The Bitcoin network possesses great qualities: it’s decentralized, trustless, permissionless, and global. However, transactions are only processed once every ~10 minutes, with thousands of miners and nodes around the world collectively trying to make that happen.

By leveraging Bitcoin as its LN retains the global qualities of Bitcoin, while enabling transactions to settle faster and with lower fees. Instead of miners processing transactions on your behalf, you are processing transactions peer-to-peer as a lightning node operator.